YOGA for Period time.

Here comes “the time of the month”

It’s not a very happy moment for many people, both for woman and man.

You or your partner may need to go through this uncomfortable cramps every month or once in a while. What makes it tricky and upsetting is that period pain is NOT always the same and it changes and varies depending on your physical condition as well as mental condition.

It is really important to take a good care when the pain is sever, of course, however, if you are feeling just a little bit down or experiencing tiny inconsistent pain bothering you, this yoga poses may help you to; 

(Physical benefits→ P, Mental benefits → M)

  •  (M) Calm your mind
  •  (M) Relax
  • (M) Reduce the stress or uncomfortable feeling
  • (P) Condition muscles around pelvic area
  • (P) Increase circulation of the blood and lymph flow
  • (P/M) Detox waste products and toxic thoughts from body system and your mind

〜 Yoga for Period time 〜

If you want to watch the video, I put it at the bottom 😉 So keep reading and You’ll find it♡

☆ Child’s Pose (variation side stretch) 

1) Child’s Pose

  • Bring your awareness to your breath
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Take a moment to settle in and tune in to your body
  • Relax your neck, shoulders and stomach
2) Child’s Pose / Side stretching variation


  • Feel the gentle stretch in your side body and the back
  • Breathe into where you feel the stretch
  • Keep your hips heavy onto your heels
☆ Cat & Cow Pose

  • Forget perfection and feel free to follow your breath ( wiggle and shake anywhere you want to release any tension or stress you are holding )
  • This pose will helps to condition your spine → it is a natural reaction to curl up your body when you have pain or discomfort in your stomach area, however, staying in the round back posture too long prone to create another problem due to poor posture.
☆ Seated Figure 4 

  • Great pose for hip opening
  • Feel the stretch in the glutes 
  • Moving and stretching muscles around hip joints and pelvis helps for conditioning.
  • Good preparation pose for the next pose
☆ Half side split

1) Side bend

  • Feel the nice stretch in your inner thighs and side body
  • Open your heart, let the fresh air to fill your lung
  • Helps to increase the circulation of blood and lymph flow
  • Helps to clear and detox waste products in your system
2) Fold forward 
  • Stretching the extended leg
  • Closing your eyes and opening your mind to the sensations you can feel
☆ Butterfly Pose

  • Opening groin and hips
  • Great pose to do while you are having period. 
  • Revitalising reproductive organs
  • Close your eyes and tune into your mind
  • Feeling Tranquility within yourself
☆ Windshield Wiper Pose
  • Feeling stretch in front of the thigh which dropping inward, through to the stomach
  • Counter pose for Butterfly Pose, doing both as a set helps to condition pelvic area
☆ Resting Pose

easy tip for you to make it easier to relax your legs 🙂
I’m putting my hands onto the stomach to feel into it
Or you are always welcome to fully relax into the simple resting pose♡
  • Drop everything to the ground
  • Make yourself comfortable as much as possible
  • Take some time to bring your awareness back to your body, mind and brea

♡message from me♡

I know having cramps and menstrual flow isn’t something very pleasant. 

However, it is the proof of functioning as our body should be, and the pain is always a wakeup call to make us realise that we need some time to take a break, or slow down our pace

I think it’s an important message from our body to take some time to look after ourselves. 

I hope you enjoyed these poses and if you’ve done them and feeling better, hi-five from me for actually taking some times for yourself♡

Please leave a comment on how you liked it, or any requests for new blog and video! Let me know your thoughts, I will really be happy to receive any messages and hearing from you 🙂 And if you are going through the time of the month right now, please take a really good care, even without any cramps, it is a very delicate time for you. 

Sending lot’s of love.

See you next time♡

XoxoX Erika


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