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hello my friends, thank you for visiting my first blog!

You may already have been to the page “about Me“,(if not please check it out, too) here, I will write about a little more details about my career and a little more about me 🙂

As a beginning I listed my Yoga study journey below.

  • June 2017, completed RYT 200
  • November 2017, completed Senior Yoga course
  • December 2017, completed Parents & Kids Yoga course (RCYT)
  • Feburary 2018, completed Adjustment & Anatomical physiology course
  • July 2018, completed Maternity Yoga course (RPYT)
  • June 2019, joined 1 day Anatomy workshop by physiotherapist Koumei
  • June 2019, joined 1 day Asana workshop by ACO ….and many more

I was (and still am) really hooked on yoga since my first class, so since then I’ve been studying and practicing a lot to keep me up to date.

Then as soon as I completed RYT 200 course, I started my teaching career. I’ve been teaching at several yoga studios, sports clubs, events, and company. So I made another list to see how it went.

Sep. 2017~ Sep. 2019 teaching at a yoga studio in Tokyo/ arati ① every Sat. (75min) Power Yoga ② every other Fri. (75 min) Power Yoga

Sep. 2017 ~ Mar. 2019 teaching at a hot yoga studio in Tokyo / HOT STUDIO SANCTUARY ① every Mon. (60 min) Core focus Yoga or Burn energy Yoga  ② (60 min) Improve blood circulation Yoga or Beauty legs Yoga

Oct. 2017 ~ Dec. 2019 teaching at a yoga studio & sports club in Tokyo / RENAISSANCE INCORPORATED ①every Thu. (60 min) Basic Yoga at Demi Renaissance ②every Tue. (60 min) Hatha Yoga, ③every Fri. (60 min) “On” Hatha Yoga (“On”= room temparature higher than regular, but lower than Hot) at Sports Club Renaissance ④every Sat. (60 min) Morning Yoga in the dark ( dark room with candle lights & calming image on a front screen) at R Shibuya

Jan. 2018 ~ Dec. 2019 teaching at a Company, Sports club and Yoga studios / SPORTS GATE Inc.  ① every Mon. (30 min) Morning meditation & Stretch at IT company in Tokyo ②every Thu. (60 min) Hot Basic Yoga ③ (60 min) Hot Detox Yoga both at Tobu Sports in Saitama ④every Thu. (45 min) “On” Power Yoga ⑤ “On” Relaxing Yoga (30 min) at Seibu Fitness emifit ⑥every Mon. (60 min) Yoga for Buttocks & Hips  ⑦ (45 min) Ballet conditioning at Gazelle Tokyo ⑧ every Sat. (45 min) Active Yoga at Seibu Fitness Eminowa

・All the other Temporary lessons & Events ①Feb. 2018 ~ Apr. 2018, Maternity Yoga & Mom and baby/ kids Yoga at Studio Joyful ②May. 2018 Kids yoga at CHIMERA GAMES ③ Jun. 2018 ~ Jul. 2018, Basic Yoga at a Company in Tokyo ④August. 2018 Yoga lesson at Srilankan Festival in Yoyogi park

I enjoyed and loved teaching yoga at every single studios and companies and events so much in Japan. However I got engaged with a guy who lives in Australia, Sydney and decided to live with him on Feb. 2020 so I gradually reduced my lessons. And now this is my brand-new page of my yoga career in Sydney.

As a beginning I started Instagram live yoga lessons since 6th of Apr. 2020. (This was also the timing of COVID-19 outbreak so I really wanted to do something for my family and friends, something I can do.) At the moment I’m doing this 5 days a week; Mon, Wed & Sat. morning lessons and Tue & Thu. evening lessons. Then started YouTube.

I’m going to built more English contents both YouTube and Instagram, working on it right now (in fact, writing this blog is also one of the things!)

So please check my Youtube E yoga. channel for useful yoga lessons and tips. Instagram erika.aus.life for my daily posts including exercise and short videos. And if you like my contents, please check Buy Me a Coffee ” Eyoga “ page to support me to keep me going…! 

I’m also happy to do yoga lessons in English, in Japanese or both languages so feel free to contact me 🙂 → eyoga.conact@gmail.com 

So that’s about it for now…! Oh, just in case if you want to know more about myself (not my work career), for additional information, I have one older sister and one younger brother, my mum and my dad all lives in Japan. (I miss them.)

I’m a dog lover. I love walking, cooking, relaxing at the beach( unfortunately not allowed at the moment though).

I’m interested in and studying Oriental Medicine such as Meridian system and acupuncture points, The yin-yang and Five elements theory. (secret here is I’m making yoga video using these method right now 😉 )

OK, so thank you again for your time and I hope you enjoy my conents♪

Hope to see you again 🙂

LOVE. XoxoX Erika

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