E-Shiastu. Yoga ~ Detox & Digestion ~

Hello my friends πŸ™‚ I have a question.

Have you heard of “Shiatsu”…? Maybe you heard of “Shiatsu point”? If not, how about acupuncture point? Yeh πŸ˜‰

Shiatsu is a Japanese style of healing massage based on oriental medicine (Meridien system) and Shiatsu point is the pressure point for daily discomfort or pain, such as shoulder pain, cold feet (poor blood circulation), digestive disorders , PMS, fatigue, stress…and more! It coves wide range of conditions.

It is believed to be effective and rooted in Japanese culture for a long time. You can do this to yourself (and of course to your loved ones) once you remember it. It is simple, easy and no side effect as long as you treat yourself gently πŸ™‚

Stress, tight body, muscles and mind, cause many troubles physically and mentally. Or even makes it worse than it usually is. So when you do Shiatsu, it becomes more effective if you are relaxed and feeling at ease, like after you done yoga.

So I came up with this idea to do Yoga & Shiatsu in a same session, I named it “E-Shiatsu. Yoga”. (“E” as in E yoga. but also the sound of “E” means “good” in Japanese. hehe) Sounds nice, right :)??

So for the very first E-Shiatsu-Yoga, I want to introduce you some of the Shiatsu Point for digestive system as well as yoga poses for detox and internal organs.

If you are interested in Brain-Gut connection, this book might be interested for you to explore more πŸ™‚

I picked this theme for several reasons. 1) many of us have affected by COVID-19, staying at home longer, less exercise and it’s our tendency that we eat more from the stress.

2) Digestive organs are called the “second brain” and we host uncountable numbers of gut flora. They are playing important role for many aspects including digesting food, how we feel or even how we behave.

3) It is becoming well known fact that the gut is the main producer of “Serotonin” aka “Happy Hormone”, some research even say 90οΌ… are from our digestive system. So I believe it is a very good start to take care of ourself from our precious internal organs, who work very hard everyday and night…!

So here I’ll write about purpose, benefits and effects you can get from these yoga poses and Shiatsu. (For each pose; instructions and how exactly to move, please check my YouTube video πŸ˜‰

~ 8 simple yoga poses to love your belly & gut ~

1) Cat & Cow pose (draw circle with navel ver.)

Regular Cat & Cow is already a great pose but this version contains side body stretch as well. It is one of my favourite moves, easy preparation pose for pretty much everything and also great move for waking up your spine. While you do this, please keep your core engaged and try to breath into your belly and get the gentle massage for your inner organs.

2) Thread the needle

Our first twist pose here, check-in with your body and enjoy the twist! Here we drop our heart towards the earth, this is a gentle inversion pose. It helps to improve displacement of internal organs and a good way to give a gut massage again. Also great pose for shoulder stiffness. Let go of your tension and stress.

3) Locust pose

Belly on the floor. So we use our body weight and gravity to help deeper stimulation 0f our stomach. Also we open our hearts and stretch our front body. You can feel your breath and connection easier here as you breath and get the move of the belly filled with the air and flatten back.

4) half load of the fishes pose

Deeper twist compare to (2), we focus on our breath as well as our long spine and the glutes stretch. Since we hug the knee and twist, gentle pressure to the stomach helps inner gut massage more. It might feel a little hard to breath into your belly but trust me, its worth doing it. It will also create a heat inside.

5) Half reclining hero pose

Deep stretch for the hip flexors. Ok, so what does this to our guts? Idea is from oriental medicine world. Stomach meridian pathway runs from face area, down the throat, the chest, through the top of the thighs till the second toes. So this pose approaches to the stomach meridian pathway. Our front body. It helps digestion system.

6) Half wind relieving pose (core engaging version.) & twist

Well this one, the name explains a lot… πŸ˜‰ So let all the trapped wind or trapped emotions or trapped anything (!?) out from you. We use a little bit of our core here to feel our strength of abdominal wall. Then twist for deeper release and stretch. We get internal organ massage, great stretch for your back muscles and glutes as well as opening our hearts as we melt our shoulders into the ground.

7) Bridge pose

This is another inversion pose that helps improve visceroptosis (displacement of internal organs.) Let gravity do the work. Breath into your belly and see how it moves along with your breath. Use strong foundations of your feet to built your leg muscles, too.

8) Wind relieving pose

Yes, again. this time with both knees πŸ™‚ Give yourself a loving hug. Gentle stretch for your back and hips. Breath into your belly for another gut massage. Relax but stay connected with your breath.

~ E-Shiatsu time β™ͺ4 recommended Shiatsu points for inner organs ~

β˜†How to find Shiatsu point and direction to give pressure

When we find Shiatsu point, many times we use our fingers to measure distance from certain landmarks of our body. Make sure to close your fingers to measure the distance. 1 finger apart to 4 fingers apart.

  • 1 finger apart = use thumb to measure
  • 2 fingers apart = use index finger and middle finger
  • 3 fingers apart = use index finger/middle finger/ring finger
  • 4 fingers apart = use all four fingers except thumb

I recommend to do Shiatsu when you feel relaxed just like after yoga or taking bath to boost the benefit, but otherwise don’t worry too much. For this Shiatsu, lie on your back and bend knees to relax your abdominal muscles will be easy for you to practice πŸ™‚

If you’d like to do this with me, please check out Youtube video and let’s do this together πŸ™‚

1) Japanese name/Chu-kan : CV12 : English name/ Central Ventre

This Shiatsu point is very good for stomach trouble. After you eat or drink too much, feeling bloating or indigestion. It also works on our nervous system to normalise stomach function and helps to reduce the stress.

  • Place 4 fingers below the pit of your stomach(aka soler plexus) / in the middle of the rib cage, right on the diaphragm, so your index finger is close to the rib cage and the rest of the fingers are in line with the midline.
  • Place the other 4 fingers right above your navel, pinky finger is close to the navel and the rest of the fingers are in line with the midline.
  • Now you notice there’s a gap between your hands. Remember the gap area and slowly shift both finger tips to that area, place the middle fingers at the centre of the area. (so here is the halfway point of the navel and soler plexus, where “Chu-kan” is located.)
  • As you exhale through your mouth, use 6 fingers to gently press into your stomach. Imagine your stomach is under there and deliver your care with the pressure.
  • When you inhale through your nose, slowly reduce the pressure.
  • Repeat it for 3-5 times.

2) Japanese name/ Ten-su : ST25: English name/ Celestial Pivot

Ten-su is well known to be effective for all sorts of intestine problems, especially constipation.

  • It is located 3 fingers apart from both side of the navel.
  • As you exhale through your mouth, use 3 fingers each to gently press into it. Imagine your intestine is under there and deliver your care with the pressure.
  • β€» You might feel a little pain here when your stomach is in poor blood circulation or constipation . If so, massage one at a time with 6 fingers.
  • When you inhale through your nose, slowly reduce the pressure.
  • Repeat it for 3-5 times.
  • β€» Another option here is to warm this area with hot-water bag or anything like that will be effective πŸ™‚

3) Japanese name/ Dai-ko : ST27:English name/Great Gigantic

This is another Shiatsu point beneficial for constipation. Also effective to normalise digestive system.

  • It is located 3 fingers below of (2: Ten-su).
  • How you practice is the same as (2: Ten-su).

4) Japanese name / Kan-gen : CV4 : English name/Origin Pass

Beneficial for various symptoms. Including reproductive organs trouble, urinary organ trouble as well as digestive trouble and more…!

  • It is located 4 fingers below the navel
  • How you practice is the same as (1: Chu-kan)
  • β€» Very sensitive area, so deep breath and be gentle to yourself πŸ™‚ Send lots of love.

Thats for all this time πŸ™‚ How was it? Make sure to listen to your body, after all of these done, your tummy may be making sounds and start talking to you… πŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoy this blog, and if you like it please leave a comments or bookmark:) Also please check out and subscribe to my Youtube video and follow my instagram for more daily yoga tipsβ™ͺ

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Thank you for your time and support! See you next πŸ™‚

Love XoxoX Erika

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