YOGA for Period time.

Here comes “the time of the month”.  It’s not a very happy moment for many people, both for woman and man. You or your partner may need to go through this uncomfortable cramps every month or once in a while. What makes it tricky and upsetting is that period pain is NOT always the same… Continue reading YOGA for Period time.

E-Shiastu. Yoga ~ Detox & Digestion ~

Hello my friends 🙂 I have a question. Have you heard of “Shiatsu”…? Maybe you heard of “Shiatsu point”? If not, how about acupuncture point? Yeh 😉 Shiatsu is a Japanese style of healing massage based on oriental medicine (Meridien system) and Shiatsu point is the pressure point for daily discomfort or pain, such as… Continue reading E-Shiastu. Yoga ~ Detox & Digestion ~

About me and my career

hello my friends, thank you for visiting my first blog! You may already have been to the page “about Me“,(if not please check it out, too) here, I will write about a little more details about my career and a little more about me 🙂 As a beginning I listed my Yoga study journey below.… Continue reading About me and my career