About me

Hello my friends, I’m Erika. Thank you for visiting my page. Let me tell you a little bit about me.

I’m a Japanese yoga instructor, lives in Sydney since 2020. Until then, I’ve been living in Japan, teaching yoga since 2017. I love what I do.

I fell in love with yoga on the very first day I did in 2015 . Now I’m a RYT 200 finished instructor. I also studied maternity yoga, kids and baby yoga, and senior yoga (chair yoga). If you wan to read more detailed informations, please read here 🙂

Before becoming a yoga instructor, I was really struggling with what I really want to be. Facing a lot more health problems both physically and mentally.

I was a childcare-giver. I was a waitress at a hamburger shop. And I was a receptionist at a restaurant.

Childcare-giver was one of my dream job, I was full of hope to support little kids and their family. But life wasn’t so simple and sparkle at this stage. So many things happened. And the more I tried, the more I got mentally and physically weaker, and weaker. I didn’t want to give up this job but I had to quite when I realised I lost so much weight and finally feeling sick just drinking water.

It took me a while but I got better. So I started working at a hamburger shop and a restaurant. Jobs were good. But then I started to have this pretty bad swollen legs. As you can imagine, I had to be standing all day long. I couldn’t sleep without compression socks.

I had to face to the health problem again. I did some research. Found a yoga studio really close to my house. I gave it a go.

And this was my life changing moment.

It was a really simple Hatha yoga and after I finished it, I felt so relieved. I fell asleep during Shavasana, which was unbelievable for me, who also was having trouble with sleeping.

I was relaxed. I was calm. And I realised how I’d been ignorant about my body, my mind, and myself. But then suddenly, everything seemed clicked.

I decided to be a yoga instructor on that day.

So here I am, this is my second dream job. And my brand-new journey starts in Sydney. I became a yoga instructor to give supports for those who need them. Just like I was saved.

I truly believe yoga is for every BODY & SOUL. I want many people to enjoy it. To feel your breath, to feel your body, and to feel your soul. Find something glowing within you. It’s always there.

You can start your yoga journey the very day you thought of it. Just like me.

As now you know that I was never a professional dancer, athlete, or gymnast. Just an ordinary adult who try-and-error in my life. just like everyone. So if I could do it, you can do it, too.

Thank you for your time and support. It means a lot to me. And hope you enjoy my contents.

LOVE. XoxoX E yoga. Erika